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Sam Raimi interview from 1995

Filmmaking on the Fringe


Now you can send shemp cards to your pals

Digital Postcards

The Bruce Campbell Project

Witch project might change the industry?
(from the premiere issue of Wicked magazine)

Ted Raimi's Fan Club re-opens!

Ted Raimi Bio

Happy Birthday Sam Raimi!

Sam Bio
Sam Filmo
Sam theme-o

Step-by-Step instructions on how to make a Henrietta!
You take one boat load of liquid latex, mix well with one Ted Raimi...

Mark & Ted's Evil Dead Adventure

Article on another Super-8

Within the Woods

Another article by our Shemp Scribe

Rob Tapert - Invisible Shemp

Review of Super-8 Short


Interview with Scott about his winning of the Saturn Award just posted!  [9·3·99]

Scott Interview

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